About CAM

Christian Aftercare Ministry was conceived by a group of Christian volunteers working in the jails and prisons of New Hampshire who had a burden to help men and women getting out of prison / jail.

A Board of Directors was formed, a Mission Statement developed and 501 3-C Non-Profit Status federal approval granted.

Right from the start all of the board members were involved in some aspect of prison ministry. It is a blessing and privilege to be able to serve the Lord in His Ministry in the Jail and Prisons of New Hampshire.

Mission Statement

Christian Aftercare Ministry is dedicated to preventing and / or breaking the criminal and / or self-destructive patterns of behavior common to at-risk individuals (offenders and ex-offenders), through a variety of Bible-based services.

Services are available to those who have been incarcerated in New Hampshire Adult Prison facilities, and who will be living in Hillsborough County upon release.


Confidentiality is the cornerstone of Christian Aftercare Ministry because it is absolutely essential for building safe, healing, caring relationships. Trust is vital.

Ex-offenders often discuss their innermost feelings as an important step in the healing process. In order to open up and discuss that which is troubling them most, these re-born ex-offenders need complete trust and anonymity.

Long-Term Goals

The primary goal of CAM is to reconcile the individual with Jesus Christ, then with themselves, their families, and with society.

Using Biblical principles, we will facilitate the growth of offenders into productive and responsible Christian members of the community. In addition, it is CAM's goal to provide:

  • Pre-release counseling
  • A link to local churches for those in need
  • Counseling referrals for those with addictions
  • Support and accountability groups

CAM seeks, through Bible-based and life skills counseling, employment services, needs based assistance, and Bible-based spiritual guidance, to assist the at-risk individual in his or her development of their relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

As the person coming out of prison fulfills the program's requirements, CAM will function as "resource center" by providing referrals to other agencies and maintaining an inter-agency network to provide for their needs of at-risk individuals (offenders and ex-offenders), as well as their families.

Our services include:

  • Personal Evangelism
  • Bible Studies
  • Counseling
  • Pre-employment Assistance
  • Career Planning and Assessment
  • Job Development
  • Assist with Job Search
  • Referral Services
  • Referrals to sources of clothing, and medical programs
  • Furniture